"From December 2013 until July 2015, I worked at Roseys Talent Consultants as a Stakeholder Relations Co-ordinator. In that role, I was responsible for representing and promoting talent in dealings with clients, drafting and implementing dispute resolution agreements, setting up photographic equipment and taking photos of new talent procured by the agency, generating and acquiring new business referrals to the agency and collaborating with the senior management team to develop ideas and implementing those ideas for improving the agency. My 18-month tenure with Roseys is one that I will always remember and be extremely thankful for. I had the good fortune and privilege of working with one of the most experienced, professional and dynamic teams in the industry. I would strongly recommend Roseys to any potential talent and/or employee."

Luke Brailey

– Photographer

"From the first correspondence via email, the initial discussion, the photoshoot, EVERYTHING has been a breeze! Chloe and Josh are extremely down to earth- so if you are skeptical you should rest assured knowing they will be there with an ear to lend and advice to give. Everything is communicated efficiently and swiftly, making the whole process a walk in the park- no loop holes or convoluted messages. I can understand this type of industry brings a lot of skepticism, however, having a genuine and lovely bunch of people around to answer your queries and concerns makes the whole experience effortless and fun! I recommend the company and the team to everyone- you should give it a go yourself and see how much fun you have in the process :) and make some money too :P"

Lidija Catic

"Absolutely LOVE Roseys Talent, absolutely lovely team of people who work extra hard with the work load that they have. They are really quick to respond to me and I'm very excited for my future with them."

Abigail Gumble

– Model

"I've recently been recruited by the Roseys Talent Team and have had a great experience so far. I felt the casting managers genuinely cared about me when signing me to the team as well as being very warm and welcoming."

Jenna-Alyssa Martin

"I heard of Roseys talent consultants through a long lost friend, he told me lots of positive things about them so I decided to join. Today I had my photoshoot and all I can say is that the staff are so friendly and professional. Definitely suggest people to join this agency!"

Jackson Swain

"The team at Roseys have been an absolute delight to work with since day one! "

Charles Muscat

"Would recommend! The staff are so friendly and welcoming. During the shoot I felt comfortable and had so much fun."

Kirra Wren

"Chloe & Josh have been very welcoming as soon as I arrived at Roseys! Very approachable and friendly. Looking forward to working with them! :) A++++ Friendly service"

Margot Smith

– Personal Trainer

"Honestly, the moment you walk in you just feel home. Amazing customer service and outstanding professionalism. I always come by and say hi to get their comments, work together and learn more about how this industry works, it's just feel like a family. I can't wait to do more work with them. I feel lucky being part of the Roseys Talent Consultants. Chloe and Josh, Thank you big time for creating those opportunities and looking forward to more success. Hell yesss. I highly recommend you to any superstar who is looking for a respected agency. "

Mozes Elgeld

– Fashion Stylist

"consistent with providing me with quality work from fire knife dancing, extras, acting or singing jobs. I can not recommend them enough! My compliments to the photographer Josh and Manager Chloe for their extreme professionalism and the ability to always deliver! I hope you both get the recognition you deserve, "

David Pupualli

– Building Manager

"Roseys Talent Consultants is legit the best agency ive been with. Really great stuff and Im glad to be part of the team"

Tim Simona

– Professional Athlete

"Great people at Roseys Talent, very welcoming and dedicated to working with you. Very excited to be on board with them and what the future holds"

Kyle Lovett

– Professional Athlete

"Absolutely love the teaming how welcome they make me feel with each visit! it honestly doesn't feel like a talent agency but more feels like I'm going to go have a coffee and visit family! love Roseys!"

Natalie Eryigit

– Influencer

"As Im fairly new to the whole modelling and acting scene, I cant really judge. Roseys have proven to me that they look and find me work. Thats what I pay them for, just need more people and companies looking for someone like me. thanks Roseys xx"

Christian Bakija

– Aspiring Model

"Roseys have been supplying us with talent for many years. I have found them to be consistently professional, friendly and accommodating to specific briefs, LAST MINUTE request and in general. I would recommend them for various levels of talent."

Chrysanthi Minglis - Production Coordinator

– Now Screen

"So far my experience with Roseys Talent Consultants has been more than satisfactory and professional about bringing me onto the team. Looking forward to my future and career with Roseys"

Elf Ellis

"Love the team at Roseys! They made me feel comfortable from the first time meeting and are super helpful. I can see why they have been around for so long!"

Melissa Grace

– DJ

"great team to be apart of! friendly crew and always willing to help! love that they are always trying to improve ways to be better than yesterday!"

Rachael Renouf

– Model & Personal Trainer

"I walked into Roseys unsure of what to expect. Honestly, part of me thought they'd be super uptight elites from some Zoolander movie. Wow was I wrong! They are so welcoming. Their talent are treated like family and the best part is how honest and direct they are. The industry largely depends what the clients want, they don't promise miracles, don't expect to be the face of Nike if you're just not cut for it. They will promise to do everything they can to help you and represent you if you are willing to be open minded and outgoing. Roseys changed some serious misconceptions I had about the industry, I had a great time with the photo shoot and I'd definitely recommend anyone sit down for at least a consult with them if you're thinking about giving this line of work a go."

Alan Smith

– Personal Trainer

"Really friendly and open - didn't lie and offer unrealistic expectations...photo shoots were fun and simple...as with this industry, charges come upfront and they're very honest about how the whole process works - would recommend them if you were looking for extras work"

Caolan Cullinane

– Chiropractor

"Absolutely amazing service; their focus upon their clients is phenomenal they make you feel at home and beyond welcome. Absolutely an immaculate family like welcoming feeling would recommend to all."

Abdul Hindering

– Real Estate

"Absolutely love the guys. Extremely professional, while feeling like family. I am so glad I came in to meet you guys, and look forward to a long lasting relationship."

Chris Goffett

– Entrepreneur

"I just want to say a big THANK YOU for being such amazing. agents. Within the first 5 minutes of our first interview I knew you guys were going to be incredible. Professional hard working when everyone is enjoying their weekend easy to work with and approach on an absolutely anything. I wish I'd come to you guys earlier THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart for the incredible jobs you've secured for me this year. Myer, Sony, Peter Brock"

Joanne Nicolas

– Professional Model

"I joined Roseys Talent Agency in December 2010, and have found them always very friendly, helpful and easy to deal with. They have sent me for many castings for photographic and TV commercials etc, and I have been lucky enough to have been chosen for some of them. Roseys have given me all the necessary information and support for each job I have worked on, and most importantly have always paid me promptly. I look forward to a long association with the agency and more exciting projects to work on. "

Clive Smither

– Promoter

"Josh and Chloe have been so kind, caring and welcoming from day one! im so excited to see what the future holds. xx"

Kayla Smith

– Sales Rep

"The Team at Roseys were all incredibly welcoming, right from the moment I walked through the door. I am really excited for the journey ahead working with this agency!"

Lauren Killey

"Chloe and Josh go above and beyond and making coming to Roseys so much more enjoyable. They are professional and care about all their clients. Would recommend"

Aleks Markovic

"Chloe and Joshua make you feel so comfortable as soon as you walk in the door. Theyre both extremely professional and accommodating and will help you with whatever you need. They are super responsive and everything gets done quick and efficiently. I highly recommend Roseys"

Rachel Tomlins

"Acknowledging 100% roseys talent the work team is very professional, they are very kind people, I felt very comfortable in my photo sections since I'm usually a little nervous. Joshua helps a lot in the postures of each photo to look radiant and my best experience with roseys was very interesting in this place you breathe inspiration and talent I do not give up my hopes of working with them in the roseys talent family Marianni chaves xx"

Marianni Chaves

"Those guys are just amazing! I showed up for my photo shot with them, and not even 24 hours later I had my first job! Chloe and Joshua are 100% professionals as well as amazing people in general. Highly recommend!"

Pawal Piecha

""As a producer, whom is often searching for a range of talent for sometimes 'unique' commercial shoots, Rosey's always have a great selection of talent that fit the brief. Time is often super limited for me, which is not a problem for the team, with responding to my casting briefs swiftly. I have utilised Roseys management since 2006 and will continue to do so in the future"."

Helen Doick - Executive Producer

– The Incredible Picture Machine

"Amazing and so much fun to work with!!!!!!!"

Nicolas Foster

"I have been with Rosey's for roughly 9-10 years now and I must say, Rosey's is the best agency I have come across. I have been given many casting offers and I recently played a role as undercover cop on a new story segment "Deadly Women" a series on the Crime channel on Foxtel and an extra for a Japanese jewellery commercial. How exciting! I find the staff at Roseys to always be helpful, friendly and supportive. Just want to thank the Rosey's team for all the wonderful opportunities I've come across so far. You guys rock!"

Panos Milonakis

– Transdev Sydney Ferries/Procurement

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