..Ehab El Fazei

Age 36 Height 186 Bust/Chest 109 Waist 88 Hips N/A Weight 85 Shoes 10 Hair Brown Eyes Brown Skin Olive
Age 36     Weight 85
Height 186     Shoes 10
Bust/Chest 109     Hair Brown
Waist 88     Eyes Brown
Hips N/A     Skin Olive


Birth Country Iraq
Nationality Australian
Look European
Modelling Skills Photo
Music Skills Modern
Sport Skills Athletics, Boxing, Swimming, Tennis
TV Works Feature Films, TV Commercials, TV Series, Movies, Short Film
+61 2 9283 6369


Client Name Role
2014 Roseys Photoshoot Model
2014 Roseys Casting Class Extra
2014 The Principal- SBS Mini Series Extra
2014 Gods Of Egypt (Gerard Butler) Movie Extra
2014 Ruben Guthrie- Movie Featured_Extra
2014 Toyota Tv Commercial Extra
2010 Underbelly Golden Mile- Tv Series Extra
2010 East West 101 Tv Series Featured_Extra
2009 Gangs of Oz- Tv Series Featured_Extra
2009 Hyundai Tv Commercial Extra
2009 Daewoo Ship Construction Corp Film Featured_Extra
2008 Out of the Blue- Tv Series Featured_Extra